Custom Made Orthotics

A custom-made orthotics is a highly effective shoe insert that is developed specifically for each individual patient.
The primary function of an orthosis is to redistribute forces applied to the foot in an effort to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by a variety of conditions.
An effective custom-made orthosis can result only from a casting process that produces an accurate three-dimensional model designed to capture the contours of the patient’s foot in the desired posture.


Whether ankle, knee, spine, hand, elbow or shoulder: when the joints hurt, Braces can help. They consist of a stretchable, breathable knitted fabric with elastic profile inserts. They provide support and massage the joint with every movement. This stimulates blood circulation and supports the healing process. They are easy to put on and do not constrict.

Medical Compression Stocking

Medical compression stockings contain elastic fibres that exert a defined pressure on the legs. Unlike support stockings, they have been proven to be medically effective. They help to prevent tired and heavy legs, varicose veins and more severe venous diseases or support their treatment. Compression stockings are available in different designs, colours and compression strengths. At Xpertphysio, you can get models in your size or individually made to measure, depending on your needs.

Compression Sleeves

Medical compression sleeves for the arm, leg and thigh are designed with therapeutic compression (20-30 mmHg compression level), which gradually decreases as it goes toward the body. This clinically proven design helps promote circulation and allows muscles to receive an increased supply of oxygen to help them perform more effectively and regenerate quicker. Blood circulation is effectively stimulated, which warms the muscles to help protect against injury, yet the fabric is extremely lightweight and provides a temperature- and moisture-regulating effect. The gentle compression reduces uncomfortable muscle vibrations, thus preventing premature fatigue.


Lipedema or lymphedema arise from various diseases, after operations or injuries. In lipedema , the swelling usually occurs on the legs or arms. They are tender to pressure and can cause severe pain. With lymphedema, in addition to the legs and arms other body parts can also be affected. Flat-knitted compression stockings relieve discomfort due to their wall stability. The stockings slow down further progression of the edema.