Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) therapy is a rehabilitative therapy service for individuals injured in car accidents. Common injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident include whiplash, neck & back pain, headache, concussion, vertigo, muscle and ligament sprains and strains, bone fractures, post-op/post-cast rehab, muscle tears and tendinitis, deconditioning, etc.

We are actively registered to Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) and Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) system. HCAI is a web-based platform used to automate the transmission of auto insurance Ontario Claim Forms (OCFs) including treatment plans and invoices between Health Care Facilities (HCFs) and Auto Insurers in Ontario.  HCAI is overseen and regulated by the FSRA.

If you have had a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), you are seeking for a physiotherapy care, we are here to take care of you step by step to your recovery:

1. Contact your auto insurance company to inform you had a car accident. They will assign you a claim number, which you need to begin treatment, and for us to the billing, and an adjuster who manage all your claims.
2. Book an initial MVA appointment. We will create a file of all the necessary documents we require in order to assess & treat you. Please inform us your claim number when you book in.
3. Arrive 20 min prior to your initial visit.  Our staff will help you complete the necessary forms.

The following Forms are required to be completed in order to process an MVA claim:
OCF- 1, Application for Accident Benefits: You need to submit this form to your MVA auto insurance company ASAP. It usually comes in the package they send to you once you have notified them of your accident.
OCF-5, Permission to Disclose Health Information: This form allows us to speak with your treatment team, including your doctor(s) and insurance companies.
OCF-23 First page or OCF -18 First page: They are treatment plan forms. It depends on your MVA classification including Minor Injury, Major Injury or
Catastrophic Injury, and your physiotherapist will be happy to inform you which to complete.
• Xpertphysio new client intake forms

5.  Your Initial Visit: Your physiotherapist will thoroughly assess you to determine
the extent of your injuries, and develop a treatment plan to determine the type &
frequency of treatments, and explain the findings to you and discuss the treatment
plan with you to ensure the optimal recovery. Most MVA plans begin with set blocks
of time as per insurance regulations. Your physiotherapist will explain this in detail
during your first visit.

6.  Payment:
• If you have personal extended health care insurance (EHC) through your and/or your spouse’s benefit plan, you must pay upfront the amount that your
EHC covers until your benefits are exhausted if we are unable to direct bill your plan. If there is a co-payment, we will claim it to your car insurance. They will pay directly to us. When you have exhausted your EHC coverage, you will need to provide your EHC claim letter stating you have exhausted your
coverage to your car insurance adjustor. At this point, your car insurance company will begin to pay full amount of your treatments.
• If you do not have benefit coverage, your car insurance company will cover your costs as per the treatment plan

If your insurance company denies your initial MVA claim, you are responsible for the cost of your appointments.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you through the MVA process.